30 min peeling is possible only in combination with another treatment, ask for details at the reception - 80 zł

Coconut scrub

1h 150 zł

Coconut with shells and coconut shell with coconut oil

Perfectly moisturizes and nourishes. Removes dry skin using finely ground coconut shells and shells. This stimulates the flow of blood and accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis. Strengthens the lipid barrier of the epidermis. Contains antioxidants that fight free radicals, which prevents premature skin aging.

Green Tea scrub

1h 150 zł

Creamy Green Tea scrub

Green tea improves the microcirculation of the body, refreshes the skin, eliminates toxins, firming and moisturizing. In addition, it improves skin elasticity and softens its surface. Peeling leaves the skin silky smooth and wonderful and refreshingly fragrant green tea..

Apricot scrub

1h 150 zł

Apricot scrub with wheat germ

Natural peeling effectively cleanses and improves the circulation of the skin, giving it a radiant and healthy look. Apricot kernels remove dead skin and blackheads. Wheat germs are a source of natural vitamin E, powerful antioxidant, tonic and effectively remove environmental pollutants from the skin.


Citrus sugar scrub

1h 120 zł

Citrus sugar scrub

Peeling exfoliates the skin, firms the skin, improves microcirculation and skin tone. After using the cells, they begin to produce more elastane and collagen, which regenerates our skin. By using natural essential oils, Peeling India is characterized by its unique, luscious fruit aroma.