2,5h 390 zł

Natural Coconut Body Scrub,Coconut Hot Compress Massage, Coconut Hot Oil Massage

It begins with a Natural Coconut Body Scrub that removes dry skin using finely ground coconut husks and shells. This stimulates blood flow and encourages new skin growth. .


2,5h 350 zł

Smoothing body scrub, milky bathl, relaxing massage with warm jasmine essential oil

The beautiful scent of jasmine stimulates the senses and can charm you for a long time. Using exotic and sensual essential oils, jasmine therapy is an experience that affects the senses and regenerates the body from head to foot.


2,5h 370 zł

Peeling with aloe vera, mask of green tea and aloe vera, relaxing massage with a velvety green tea extract

Unusual properties of green tea cause that it has been used for skin improvement for years. Green tea improves the microcirculation of the body, refreshes the skin, eliminates toxins, firming and moisturizing.